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TitleHot coffee - volume and rates activity
Brief descriptionBased on one of Dan Meyer's 3-acts, this looks at how much coffee a world-record coffee mug can hold.
PurposeWrap up of topic; Contextual application
Topic(s)Volume; Converting rates
Type of activityStudent, either individual or group
Where work is doneEither in and out of class
Time required10 to 30 minutes
Technology neededInternet access
Suggestions for implementationStart by opening up the website and showing the Act 1 video. Ask what questions they have. Ask them to estimate how many gallons they think will fit in the cup. Then hand out the worksheet, and give them info they asked for from the website. Once they have an answer, show Act 3 video.
Task developer(s)David Lippman
CollegePierce College
CreditDan Meyer
LicenseOpen (CC-BY)
Files:Website with videos
Worksheet Preview
PostedDecember 11, 2012, 11:07 am by David Lippman
Last UpdatedDecember 11, 2012, 11:07 am