Calculus Fun Facts [B]

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Jeff Eldridge • Edmonds Community College

When defining a Riemann sum, does it suffice to consider only regular partitions? If so, is there any reason to use non-regular partitions? Is there a way to develop MacLaurin polynomials (with error bounds!) without knowing anything about infinite or alternating series? Why do we use the ∂ symbol to denote the boundary of a region as well as a partial derivative? And more!

Linked above is a PDF of the Beamer slides from the presentation in handout mode. See below for direct links to the Desmos graphs.

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Solving calculus problems without calculus:

Regular partitions suffice:

A useful irregular partition:

Making `x^a ` meaningful:

Why we use that `partial ` symbol for boundaries:

Other cool stuff not mentioned in the talk:

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