Getting Started With Desmos and Blender [B]

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Salah Abed • Big Bend Community College

Do you spend a lot of time graphing in class? Do you spend minutes at a time hand-waving explanations for what solids of revolution and two-sheet hyperboloids look like in ` bbbR^3`? Do you try to animate graphs and realize you have nothing but a marker and a stationary whiteboard? At this talk, I’ll get you up and running in Blender and Desmos, and we’ll share tips and tricks that we’ve discovered along the way. Bring your own examples to share with the group, or bring yourself and come to learn!

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Presentation materials

Hi, everyone! Thanks to those of you who came to my presentation. Here's the file I wrote everything up in. This should be enough to get you started in Blender & Desmos:\

Here are the graphs I showed in Desmos.

Here's the saddle function I showed during the presentation:

Here's the Gabriel's horn function with which I created the animation:

Here's the animated render of that. (Fair warning: it's 91 MB!)

You're welcome to use any of these materials in any way you like. Of course, if you have questions, you're welcome to e-mail me at Thanks again!

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