2024 Session Materials

#trendingmathprof — Instagram and TikTok Math Influencer
Tyler Wallace • Big Bend Community College

Math Pathway and Placement Reform at Yakima Valley College
Matt Lewis & Michael Jenck • Yakima Valley College

Using Reflection to Develop Ownership of Learning: A SoTL Project
Rhea Becke • Clark College
Ann Sitomer • Linn-Benton Community College

We Implemented a Proctoring Requirement: Here’s What Happened
Elizabeth O’Neil • Olympic College

“Easy” Proofs of “Hard” Theorems in Calculus
Jeff Eldridge • Edmonds College

Assessment in Online Classes: What Works? What Doesn’t?
Alys Hugo • Everett Community College

Topology of Data in the Classroom
Yves Nievergelt • Eastern Washington University

Reimagining Vector Calculus
Jeff Eldridge • Edmonds College

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