2023 Session Materials

The Mathematics of Climate Change
Dargan Frierson • University of Washington

Finding the Least-Squared Polynomial
Tyler Wallace • Big Bend Community College

Updating Bridge to College Math: What Is Really Needed for Success in Non-STEM?
Dawn Draus • Lower Columbia College

Innovative Teaching That Excites Future Math Educators
Suzanne Rousseau & Kacey Diemert • Lewis – Clark State College

Spurious and Hilarious Proofs
Tyler Wallace • Big Bend Community College

Non-STEM Co-Reqs: A Conversation
Kate Cook & Allie Dykes • Clark College

Learn About Systems by Playing a Game
Pete Kaslik • Pirece College

Spilling the Tea: Dismantling BEdA and Math Misconceptions
Dawn Draus & Catie Graham • Lower Columbia College
MarcusAntonio Gunn • SBCTC

Introduction to Systems
Pete Kaslik • Pirece College

WAMAP Update
David Lippman • Pierce College

Gravity, Lunar Landing, Drag, Falling Aircraft, Algebra to Calculus
Yves Nievergelt • Eastern Washington University

Japanese Entrance Exam Problems: Bringing Problem-Solving to Pre-Calculus
Salah Abed • Big Bend Community College

  • Presentation Document (PDF)
  • Golden Route Sample Problem (PDF)
  • Japanese Entrance Exam Problems (PDF)
  • Triangle Ratio Proof (PDF)

Rearranging Calculus I
Jeff Eldridge • Edmonds College

When 0.1+0.2≠0.3
David Lippman • Pierce College

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