Session I (9:00–9:45 a.m.)

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Facilitator: Jennifer Ward • Clark College

In this presentation I will share ways I bring social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion into my online statistics classroom. I’ll present examples of activities and resources from my statistics classes on these topics and tips for implementing activities over social issues, and reserve time at the end for others to share activities and resources as well. And/or we can brainstorm ways to make improvements to our classes to make them more equitable, diverse, inclusive and approachable to social-justice topics.

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Steven Bogart, Shana Calaway, Chris Hardy, Trevor Pelletier & Lauren Sandven • Shoreline Community College

We will share some of our biggest successes, biggest lessons, biggest challenges and biggest mysteries from our first several quarters of teaching co-requisite math.

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John Chu • Algebra++

The design goal of Algebra++ is a series of algebra textbooks, composed entirely of spreadsheet workbooks. It weaves three threads: incorporating core principles of computer science and engineering, with whole-brain learning, tapping students’ visual, linguistic and kinesthetic processing; nine years of experience exclusively using the spreadsheet in lieu of a whiteboard or PowerPoint slides (last spring the transition to online posed no substantive change for my prior students); online teaching frequently requires use of a chat box in which any hybrid standardized notation should be usable — ALGERL© 1.0 (Algebraic Language) should pass that test. This session will showcase the non-calculational use of the spreadsheet as presentation media for general teaching.

About the presenter: I'm a 35-year teaching veteran, having spent my first dozen years teaching math and physics at two-year colleges, including ten at a community college in Wyoming. For the past decade, I've been teaching high school in China. Then, a year ago, I came to Kazakhstan for a 1-week skiing trip…

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