Session II (9:55–10:40 a.m.)

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Dusty Wilson • Highline College

Have you ever wondered what Newton and Leibniz actually discovered? We will discuss the story of the calculus and its tumultuous R.I.D.E. of Refinement, Invention, Discovery and Exploration, beginning before Newton and Leibniz through its rapid expansion, the paradoxes of infinity, the rigorization of Cauchy, and ending with your very own calculus text.

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Facilitator: Kate Cook • Clark College

Now that we all have taught online, how can we leverage this experience in the new normal that we establish in our class formats? What lessons did we learn during the pandemic that can be mixed into our teaching practices? In person? Online? Hybrid? Hyflex?

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Bill Moore & Mickey Davis • SBCTC

We have a system agreement guaranteeing that students entering CTCs with a B or better in Bridge to College Math (BTCM) are eligible for placement into Math 107 or Math 146. What kind of high-school preparation is really needed for those courses, and how well does BTCM meet those needs? In this session we’d like to share a conceptual re-framing of the course as a clear bridge to those specific destinations and gather input from CTC math faculty on the specifics of that shift and how well it would serve those two courses in our system.

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