Session IV (11:29–11:59 a.m.)

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Andrew Oster • Eastern Washington University

Rats have long been thought to drive plague epidemics, specifically bubonic plague. However in a PNAS publication (2018), an alternative theory for plague transmission has been posited by Dean et al., where ectoparasites living on human hosts drive spread. This talk will present a new mathematical model (developed with Ian Lynch and Luke Mattfeld) for the spread of the plague based on rat-flea interactions with the human population and compare our results to existing models. Our results suggest that rat-flea transmission of the plague is still plausible.

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Laura Schueller • SBCTC

This talk will highlight the work over the last year by faculty across the state to create a course description for a two-course sequence meant to prepare students for calculus. In addition, ongoing statewide efforts to support engaging pedagogy and equitable grading practices in these courses will be discussed.

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John Toutonghi • South Seattle College

We have redesigned our developmental-through-college–level courses utilizing co-requisite models. Our approach has decreased the complexity of our overall offerings, while developing curriculum that better prepares our students for success.

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David Lippman • Pierce College

Last spring, even before Covid hit, Pierce moved to a guided self-placement process, replacing our previous placement mechanisms. We’ll share our approach, how it meshes with our move to co-requisites, and initial impressions of how it’s going (unfortunately we don’t have any useful hard data yet).


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Tyler Frank • Clark College

I will share integrated math and science activities I have been collating and developing for the High School+ program I teach in at Clark College. I will demonstrate some activities, share resources, and discuss how to use contextualization to help ABE math students.

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