Index to Presentations

Opening Session — Thursday 7:30–9:00 p.m.

Finding Patterns: Art and Math
Luke Rawlings • Bellevue College

Session I — Friday 8:50 –9:40 a.m.

Pre-college Mathematics Reform: A Status Update
John Mitchell • Clark College

Accessibility in WAMAP
David Lippman • Pierce College Ft. Steilacoom

Flippin’ Statistics
Tyler Wallace • Big Bend Community College

A Short History of Mathematical Notation and Symbols
Rajesh Lal • Pierce College

Game On! Using Play to Engage Students in Pre-college Courses
Leslie Glen • Whatcom Community College

Session II — Friday 9:55 –10:45 a.m.

Continuity and Context in Statistics
Allen Mauney • South Puget Sound Community College

Math in Motion: A Learning Community Integrating Physics and Calculus!
Jonathan Ursin & Danielle Mallare-Dani • Seattle Central College

The High School Math Assessment and Bridge to College Math
Megan Luce • Cascadia College | Bill Moore • SBCTC

The Mathematics of Musical Tuning and Temperament
Eric Mack • North Idaho College

Liven Up Your Class With Kahoot!
Pam Lippert & Deanna Li • North Seattle College

Session III — Friday 11:00 –11:50 a.m.

WAMATYC Invited Session in Mathematics
The Algebra of Technology
Olga Shatunova • University of Washington Tacoma

Implementing Math Pathways: Bringing Departments Together Through Professional Development
Alys Hugo & Mike Story • Everett Community College

Vorticity in Basic Multivariable Calculus
Yves Nievergelt • Eastern Washington University

Get Your Students Involved, Thinking, and Talking Math
Nancy Marx • Edmonds Community College

Dollar Street: A New Kind of Data With Many Possibilities
Rejoice Mudzimiri & Robin Angotti • University of Washington Bothell

Session IV — Friday 1:30 –2:20 p.m.

Graphing Without a Calculator
William Webber • Whatcom Community College

The Transfer-Student Experience: Smoothing the Transition
Erik Tou, Haley Skipper, Brian Heaven & Shubha Rajopadhye • University of Washington Tacoma

Back to Basics: Outcomes From Redesigning Basic Math Course Sequences
Ryan Orr & Rebecca Luttrell • Columbia Basin College

An Accelerated Math Literacy Pathway via I-BEST
Christopher Cary • Spokane Falls Community College

Puzzle Morsels
Murali Krishna • Clark College

Session V — Friday 2:35 –3:25 p.m.

A Collaborative Journey: Virtual Manipulatives for Mathematics
Frank Marfai • Phoenix College | William Meacham • Scottsdale Community College

Transitioning Learners to Calculus: Self-Assessing Your Program
Helen Burn • Highline College

Introducing Precalculus Students to STEM Careers
Tiffany Ledford & Gabrielle McIntosh • Edmonds Community College

Educational Data Mining: A Study of Usage Patterns in a Quantitative Tutoring Center
Robin Angotti, Tyler Shea & Abram Girgis • University of Washington Bothell

Undergraduate Research Projects Woven Into Remedial Math Curriculum
Michal Ramos • Yakima Valley College

Play More Games!
Mike Kenyon • Green River College

Keynote Address — Friday 7:15 –8:15 p.m.

Exploding Dots: The Mathematical Phenomenon That Is Sweeping the Globe
James Tanton • Mathematical Association of America

Session VI — Saturday 9:30 –10:20 a.m.

Math Pathways: What’s Working, What’s Not
Bill Moore • SBCTC | Helen Burn • Highline College
Barbara Alvin • Eastern Washington University

Calculus Fun Facts
Jeff Eldridge • Edmonds Community College

Artistic Math Using 3D Printing
Lee Singleton • Whatcom Community College

Card Flipping: A Mathematical Solitaire Game
Matthew Meerdink • Highline College

Integrating Pre-college Math With Science
Rheannin Becke • Clark College

Session VII — Saturday 10:40 –11:30 a.m.

More Exploding Dots: Weird and Wild Fun
James Tanton • Mathematical Association of America

Getting Started With Desmos and Blender
Salah Abed • Big Bend Community College

Co-requisites: A Roundtable Discussion
Facilitator: David Lippman • Pierce College Ft. Steilacoom

Gray Codes: An Unusual Application to Trigonometry
Richard Plagge • Highline (emeritus) & Pierce Colleges
Olga Shatunova • University of Washington Tacoma

Idea Café: Course Redesign
Facilitator: Luke Rawlings • Bellevue College