Mathematica for Students

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Mathematica for SCC Students


Students currently enrolled at Seattle Central can get the latest student version of Wolfram's Mathematica for free!

There are two possibilities for students:

1) Online Mathematica. This is also called Wolfram Cloud. This is a good option for "light" users. To run this program, you'll need a strong internet connection and you'll want a device with a decent-sized screen (Tablet, Chromebook, etc.) Follow these instructions:  AccessingOnlineMathematica_April2020.pdf

video help: 

2) Desktop Mathematica. This program requires installation onto a computer. You'll need an up-to-date computer with plenty of storage and RAM. Once installed, Desktop Mathematica will work offline and run more intensive computations than the online version. Follow these instructions: DownloadingDesktopMathematica_March2020.pdf

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Additional Mathematica Materials

Below are links to three Mathematica notebooks that students may find useful.

Note:  You will need to have Mathematica (Desktop or Online) before you view these files.

1) The first notebook is the tutorial that acts as a "textbook" for CSC102Q.  Version 1.9 was created in 2020.

2) The format of this Blank Mathematica notebook corresponds with earlier versions of the tutorial (ver 1.4 and earlier).  The notebook has input boxes in red and output boxes in blue.

3) The format of this Blank Mathematica notebook corresponds with the latest versions of the tutorial (ver 1.5 and beyond). 

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Installing the SCCC Package (ver2.5) for Mathematica

The SCCC package allows the use of special commands that make using Mathematica easier.

Here is the installation instructions (READ FIRST):  scccPackageInstall_March2020.pdf

Here is the package file (SAVE THIS):  sccc2_5.wl

Here is a notebook showing the commands in the package (OPEN IN MATHEMATICA):  guidetoscccpackage2_5.nb

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