What WAMAP Can Do

WAMAP is designed to be extremely flexible, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Here's a few.

Drill & Practice

Create sets of drill and practice problems to reinforce mastery of math skills. Because questions are algorithmically generated, students can practice virtually unlimited versions of the questions. Students receive immediate feedback, allowing them to correct mistakes immediately.

Alternatively, print out pages of drill problems to hand out in class.


Assign graded homework while freeing your time. With WAMAP's flexible assignment options, you can allow students multiple attempts per problem, or even allow student to keep trying similar problems until they earn full credit. Since each student receives a different version of each question, even if you go over a homework question in class, students still have to work through their version of the question to earn credit. Students can work together on homework without being able to just copy answers. And you can easily make due date exceptions for individual students if needed.

Take-Home Tests

Give each of your students different versions of your take-home exam, so they can work together without being able to just copy answers. Since you can view the version of the test each student received and change the grade the computer assigns, you have answer keys for each version and can fairly quickly review the student's work and assign partial credit if desired.

In-Class Tests, Quizzes, Group Work

If you're lucky enough to teach in a computer classroom, you can use WAMAP to deliver tests or quizzes. You can also create individual or group work assignments can be worked on during class

Encourage Communication

WAMAP has discussion forums and an internal message system with support for accurate math and graph display using simple calculator-style math entry and a point-and-click graphing tool.

You can easily send an email or internal message to all your students, or send a student a message about an assignment, quoting the specific question.

Track Student Progress

WAMAP's integrated gradebook will let you track your students' progress. You can even enter your offline grades, so students can track their overall progress in your course.

For online assignments, you can view how your class performed on each individual question, allowing you to identify areas of weakness.

Share Information With Your Students

With WAMAP's course management features, you can post announcements, online lectures, your syllabus, handouts, and other information in your course page.

About the Questions

Over 4000 questions are ready to use ranging from arithmetic through calculus, or you can create your own questions. WAMAP questions are algorithmically generated, including support for algorithmically generated graphs and charts. A variety of answer types can be computer graded, including: