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Canvas Integration

WAMAP uses the industry-standard Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard to integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMSs) like Canvas. WAMAP supports LTI 1.1, using college-wide or course-level configurations, and LTI 1.3 using college-wide configuration.

WAMAP is certified compliant with LTI 1.3, and is TrustEd Apps certified. (WAMAP is operated as a sub-site of MyOpenMath).

For instructors wanting to try out integration, instructions are provided inside the system for setting up a course-level LTI 1.1 integration, where the LMS allows it. These instructions can be found by going to Course Items: Export. You can also read the LTI 1.1 integration instructions. If you want a college-wide LTI 1.1 key and secret, email [email protected], but for college-wide configurations, LTI 1.3 is recommended.

Setting up an LTI 1.3 connection

Be forewarned: If instructors are currently using an LTI 1.1 course-level connection, the LTI 1.3 connection may override it, causing problems. For this reason, it's best to install LTI 1.3 after students are done with the previous term, and before teachers have started setting up their courses for the next term.

To enable LTI 1.3 in a Canvas instance, the site administrator should:

If you are using an LMS other than Canvas, have an instructor visit the LTI 1.3 platform registration page to find instructions for your LMS.