More about WAMAP/IMathAS

For an introduction to WAMAP, watch a quick four minute video.


IMathAS is the software powering WAMAP. IMathAS is a web-based math assessment tool for delivery and automatic grading of math homework and tests. Questions are algorithmically generated so each student gets a different version of each question, and numerical and math expression answers can be computer graded.

Beyond that, IMathAS includes basic learning management tools, including posting of announcements, text files, and attachments, as well as discussion forums. In postings, assessments, and forums, IMathAS allows accurate display of math and graphs, with simple calculator-style math entry and point-and-click graph creation.

To try out the system, log in with username: demo, password: demo to view a demo course from a student's perspective

To find out more, read about what WAMAP can do for you, or read some case studies to see how others are using WAMAP. Details about using individual features can be found in the help file or by watching training videos.

If you have questions about WAMAP, feel free to email for more information.


Over 4000 questions from the arithmetic through calculus levels have already been written. This began with 1200 questions translated, with permission, from WebWork from the Univ of Rochester, and was expanded with development grant support from the Washington State Distance Learning Council. The question set continues to grow with user contributions, and will soon be expanded further with another development grant from the Distance Learning Council.

Since you can adapt existing questions or create new questions, you can make sure questions address the topics you wish to assess while helping expand the shared question library

Prebuilt courses for 11 courses from Arithmetic through Calculus have been created, allowing instructors to get started quickly.


Use Guides and documentation are available to assist you in getting familiar with WAMAP. A full online training course is also available, with video tutorials to walk you through using WAMAP. Limited support is available through email and through the Support Course discussion forums.

The purpose of this website

WAMAP has been generously funded by the Transition Math Project to provide free use of the IMathAS system by High School and College instructors throughout the state of Washington. Of course, if you'd prefer, you can also download and install the software on your local webserver.

This site will also serve as a repository of shared questions to which you can contribute questions you have written.

How to get Started

To get an account and get started,

  1. Fill out a New Instructor Account Request. This request is processed by hand, so please allow several days for a response.
  2. Read the Use Guides, especially the Getting Started in IMathAS guide.